About Sorenson

A global language services provider combining patented technology and human-centric services to connect people across signed and spoken languages through interpreting and captioning solutions.

Our Sorenson story

Leveraging the power of language, we connect lives and enrich the human experience.

Sorenson is one of the world’s leading interpreting providers with its renowned training programme and communication tools for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. We combine patented technology with human centric services including in-person and over-video sign language and spoken language interpreting and translations.

In a nutshell, Sorenson is the connective layer that connects people beyond words across the world. 

Our values


We foster trust with responsible behaviour and open communication


An understanding that embracing diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives makes us stronger, wiser, and more agile


Going beyond inclusion to give our customers and employees a welcoming, accepting, integral experience


Our services make a difference: advancing visibility, equity, and connection for our employees, customers, and community

What makes us different?

Sorenson is mission-driven and proud to make a positive impact for the people and communities we serve.



Our services allow communication, collaboration, and connection across languages.



We make it convenient for businesses and organisations to give customers and employees an equitable experience.



Our language solutions open doors to building and maintaining relationships that enrich lives.



We employ people globally and continue to add jobs, with particular interest in extending opportunities to minority and underserved communities.

Community impact

At the turn of the 21st century, Sorenson’s primary business was innovative media technology. We found our true calling to Connect Beyond Words when we blended technology and people. Our solutions draw on 60 years of combined experience between Sorenson, SignVideo and Sign Language interactions here in the UK.

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